Photography Director

Ximena was born on October 26 th in the year 1982 , in Mexico City. Even though she stared as a lawyer, she never abandoned her sensitive view of the world, neither her need to express it on art.

This very instinct made her plunge into the wonderful world of photography. She invaded her life with pictures, that filled her should to let her record, express, freeze and catch moments. So that the would remain caught in history.

She studied photography in AAVI, in addition of many other degrees, but here true quality was gained by experience. From her delicate eyes, to her keen minds sensibility. She´s a natural born photographer who has always contemplated stories, instead of images.

Ximena is not only a photographer, but a woman who decided to dedicate her life to create memories, transforming then into life metaphors, that will last forever. She tells the stories people try to treasure, image or tell. She catches them with her camera, an extention of her, and accomplish to make them so expressive that they end up being a tale told by an amazing artist.

She’s a woman who decided to be free, to commit with herself and allow her not to work, but to live by doing what she loves the most, what she dreams and what she believes in. As a result, she has turned into one of the most recognized photographers, not only for her supreme quality, but for her creativity and most important, her human warmth to understand life.

Right now, she’s inside the top tens most recognized photographers in Mexico’s weddings. She has her own company and studio and has been published by many magazines like Zankyou, Lamont, Caras, Miboda among many others and many recognitions.

Video Director

Daniel was born on October 8th in the year 1980, in Mexico city. He studied Industrial Engineering at Universidad Iberoamericana, but his mind was always far from working all his life in an office.

He played drums hard since he was a kid and simultaneously became a professional drummer, finding music arts all the freedom his heart needed. Almost innevitable, he formed a rock band called “Varana” with whom he followed his dreams to the limit recording 2 national albums with Universal Music and Sony Music. There he learned how to produce, direct and edit professional videos.And so, after 10 years of touring and playing, the band came to an end, so he started his own path by producing all kinds of cool videos and definitely the wedding ones that would blow anyone’s mind…

“its is awesome that we can be part of people’s happiness days. We are really lucky to work watching directly and freezing their joy and love in endless time… Its pure good energy”.

Danny L.

Ximena Zermeño all rights reserved.