A small wedding is considerably richer in proposals, intimacy and quality, it is a great opportunity for family , to creatively approach guests and strenghten your relationships, and to spend more individual time with the loved ones.

A small wedding is considered between 30 and 50 people, fewer guests means less stress and therefore a more relaxed atmosphere, that is why it is important to hire a planner, is the one who will coordinate whatever is necessary to achieve harmony and accuracy in the activities of your lovely celebrations, a small wedding does not necessarily mean a small budget or less luxury, but way more quality, and attention in detail.

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That’s why here is a list of practical tips to land incredible ideas and celebrate safely:

Keep it simple, we love the extravaganza of a huge wedding but in this case, for planning a small wedding there is no need to break your head and budget. We advice you to prioritize your spending and what really is important for the wedding, for instance you might want to give up on the ice sculpture, but instead pay close attention to the details like the flowers and amazing food and cocktails.


For the location of your small wedding, it's important to take into consideration (2020) the current situation of the world. Finding a location thats around your hometown might be a beautiful surprise, we prefer the natural environments, such as gardens, forrest or the beach, of course there is always the option of renting a nice restaurant or a gallery -only for you and your invites.

Look around you, near your town you will find mysterious, beautiful and special places, from incredible parks that with a beautiful decoration will emphasize the atmosphere you are looking for, to beautiful nurseries, or gardens where you can raise a stunning tepee to make the ceremony something much more comfortable. You can scout in outdoor places, which of course are perfect for the summer, although this does not mean that they are only a summer thing. If your thing is the interior, and you prefer something a little more low-key, you can look in classic places, a nearby chapel and a divine restaurant that suits your desires, a small cabin in the middle of nature is also a striking option or finally do that mini meeting with your 15 favorite people in a family house. Anything goes.You might be amazed by the beautiful venues you can find very close from home, and with a bit of creativity make your wedding celebration a memorable time for your partner and invites. This is a great option if you are planning on inviting your bubble to the party, the pro, is that if your family and friends are living close to your hometown, a drive will bring them to your venue. If you really really cannot give up the idea of the paradisiac destination wedding of your dreams, we would suggest you to consider the option of an elopement, only partner and you. 

First looking around in your country if there are locations that might fit your wishes. And probably finding a nice hidden beach or SPA in the forrest. Otherwise there is many countries that still have their doors open, of course this is less of a great idea nowadays yet, nothing is impossible. Finding a hotel boutique, spa or private house for your partner and you to celebrate your love intimately and in your dream location, is possible.  

We would suggest to not make much plans regarding this option, but more, going with the flow, being as flexible as possible and letting yourself live moment by moment.

Contacting local vendors, and an elopement planner, is also possible, and you might want to contact them at least a couple of weeks in advance. 

small wedding photography mexico california

Create ambiance: Since it is about sharing with the closest people in a small wedding, an atmosphere with many details should be highlighted around it, recreate a space with smooth fabrics, seasonal flowers and candles, you can use rugs, and leave out the overwhelming lights.

Beautiful tableware, they can even be family heirlooms, grandmothers spoons, your parents' wedding napkins, decorated pillows to play in a lounge area, you can decorate the glasses with ribbons, or make it even more extraordinary, select photos from a family album of yours and your partner where you have a section they can leave a little money for their honeymoon trip.

Very important, if you and your partner are celebrating together, with no invites, you might want to consider live streaming your ceremony, or not.
 If you are doing an event with people, might want to avoid the ugly phone pictures taken by the aunt. thats why,  hiring a photographer is quite important, there are many photographers out there, and you want to choose wisely and creatively to find the best.

This will be the moments that will stay forever. During this times, many couples choose to do a photo session during a romantic elopement escapade and just sharing the happening through a photo session with friends and family.
Either ways the most important thing is that you feel happy and that that happiness stays not only in the pictures but forever.

What better intimate and integral experience than a small wedding to preserve in the

memory of our heart and soul such an exciting moment, with our essential people, doing

magic in little-explored places, creating a bonfire of good omens and wishes, a small

wedding is bigger in love.

Ximena Zermeño.

If you are in Baja, in Cali or anywhere in the world and you're planning to have a small wedding, you can get in touch with us:

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