Oh 2020, what a journey you have been, and apart from changing our lives, making the world turn around and changing the lovers' wedding plans you have really made us rethink and reconsider the how, and what to do as a celebration for love.

And for the lovers that survived, we know you might be replanning your dream wedding, whilst destinations and flights are still an unknown, destination weddings are changing its path, stay home, they say, and all that you want is to seal the love. In the end, love is all you need.

If this year has taught us something, has been to keep it simple, coming closer to your loved ones, and planning an intimate wedding can be as dreamy and amazing as the big one, it's all a matter of perspective and creativity.

Every challenge is an opportunity for transformation that's why we propose some ideas for pandemic lovers.

1. Keeping the celebration for the couple and its very close bubble. This might take some stress out from your shoulders and actually doing a very beautiful, event with fewer organization issues and logistics.
In this digital era, there is no excuse to be close to each other, even in distance.

2. Elopements are a very trendy way of recreating the wedding celebrations.
Doing an escapade with your lover and enjoying only the two of you might sound a bit out of the common but hey, there is live streaming.

Some couples choose to stream their weddings straight from paradise, and friends and family can join virtually from the comfort of their homes.

Other couples choose to elope very simply and just capture their moment through pictures, and/or a video that can be shared with their loved ones as a testimony of the happening.

4. Even though traveling has changed this is an opportunity for discovering your own country, and the surroundings of your home place. You will be amazed by the amazing natural beauties that were hidden in your backyard

5. Consuming local goods and products is necessary, that's why when planning your small event, you can make it even more special by supporting small businesses and sustainable options which happen to be very trendy as well.

This pandemic has had its ups and downs but definitely one of the best things that haven't changed has been the fact that we still have love to hold us. We have learned to be grateful and enjoy life fully. There is only one life to get married, and one moment to make it happen, 2020 has brought us to the here and now. Let's enjoy and make the best of what we have.

We as well are reinventing our services for you!

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