Who said the bride should wear white?

Break the rules by choosing a different color dress for your wedding.

When searching for your wedding dress you might notice that the variety might be overwhelmingly just one color: White.

And while white wedding dresses are a tradition, it might not be for everyone.

Either you don’t feel so comfy wearing white, or simply, it doesn’t express your personality, the most important thing to consider when choosing the gown in which with you will be walking down the aisle, is that its a piece that you feel completely yourself and beautiful in.

The color of your dress will not determine the success of your marriage. So we encourage every bride to try out something different.

We’ve had the opportunity to shoot some brides that took the risk of breaking the rules of white, and have nailed it on showing off their personality on their wedding day.

Let’s start from less to more.

Ivory dresses have been out there for a long time. Choosing a shade of white can be the option whenever you want to do something different without taking the big risk of a more vibrant color.
Focusing on the details such as transparencies in lace and nude details will make your dress look unique.
The whitest white or diamond white is also a subtle but shocking shade of the traditional white dress.

The shine that this color provides, will make all the eyes stare at you during your day. Different from traditional whites, this color is more contrasting, and even gives a sense of holographic reflections.

Dress by Loula @Zermeno
Shades of silver.
This bride opted to wear a silver-like tone, with lace and 3d details.
This is a very modern option, these tones have both, the elegance and playfulness, the shine and the sobriety of a princess dream dress.
This dress screams passion, and elegance.
Red will be the ally for a bride who wants to express much more than just married.
Red is the color of love and warmth. This color is a statement of power and perfect for a bride who wants to step outside the box.

Dress by : Loula @Zermeno

Black has always been black: and black wedding dresses are here to stay.
It might be an extreme choice for a wedding gown but black dresses are a sign of sophistication, class, depth and sheer style.
Opting for a black wedding dress might not be very common but for sure it will be a dress to never forget.

Dress by Loula @Zermeno

These are just some options for the different options other than white that you can choose for your special day.

As a wedding photographer, I am more and more excited to see couples and celebrations to step out of the box. To try different things, and take the risk of the adventure during the union ceremonies.
We are living in very interesting times, and uniqueness, freedom, playfulness, and nontraditional weddings are not only trendy but should be encouraged and celebrated.

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Love always,