What happens behind the scenes with the ladies at a wedding, stays behind the scenes.

The best friends and family of the bride will come together to get ready, tell secrets, and have some fun.

Supporting the bride on this special day is one of the most important things, either you are a bride or a maid of honor, having the honor comes as well with great responsibility.

Even though weddings are one of the happiest days of a bride, it can also be quite stressful, and having your girls around for support is super important.

You might have shared with your bridesmaids some of the key details of the wedding.

The bridesmaids’ role is to spend extra good time together, help the bride have an amazing time, and of course, help her if something has to be solved.

If you chose your girls to be by your side on your special day, it’s a nice detail to give them some extra love.

If the maids of honor don’t know each other so well, why not, take the opportunity to organize some prewedding events where they can bond together, and maybe even becoming friends with each other. Of course, the bachelorette party, going out for drinks and cocktails, karaoke night, or just shopping for the wedding, are some of the ideas.

During the wedding day, we propose to you organizing a SPA day before the event for the gurls, drinking champagne, sharing a thank you notes and good wished for the bride, and getting ready together whilst dancing to music, doing selfies, and asking your wedding photographer to also capture the magic of this time will make the bride and the girl time, last forever.

Doing a fun photoshoot with the gang before the big moment will be memorable for all of you + you can show off on an occasion where you are all dressed in gala.

Being by the side of the bride is a once in life experience, either you are the chosen one, or the one to choose, make sure this memory get imprinted as one of the most beautiful stories to tell in the future.

With all the love,


Are you bridesmaids to be or have been?
or maybe you have to choose your maids of honor?

Let us know your stories, doubts, or advice for both, bride and maids.

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