Lights, Camera, Action!!!!

Are you excited about getting your dream photoshoot done, but you are camera shy?

Maybe it’s not you who is shy, but your partner is?

Being behind the camera for many years already, I have encountered many people that the sole idea of the camera makes them panic. But, hey! no worries, here’s a professionals advice for putting your photogenic mindset on, and working on showing off your best sides on your Instagram.

Say bye bye to fear, and first of all, DON’T POSE. The trick to the best photos is actually being as natural as possible. As a photographer, the magic of my work relays on finding the most authentic moments of the couple. It’s in the subtle smiles, and sights where you can actually find the emotion and the magic of any moment. We want to create images that aren’t forced, as the director of the photoshoot, I will gauge if the couple in front of me needs a little bit of guidance.

Don’t overact it. As photographers, it’s my labor to find your right angle. You might have been practicing your perfect smile but sometimes it looks forced and not especially that well in camera

Let your photographer know what you are looking for in your pictures, it’s always a nice inspiration for the photographer to have insight on what your dream pictures look like. Don’t hesitate on sharing inspiration. Also point out before the wedding the special things to shoot, or not to shoot.

Try to keep your eyes closed when kissing, and don’t squish your partner’s nose turn your head to the side to avoid crashing into each other’s nose Soft and gentle kissing is always better. try to keep it neat- even though passionate kissing is very enjoyable, it might not be so camera friendly.

One of the things I notice often is that when couples remember the camera is there, they immediately get stiffer and move on to another thing.
Don’t rush into finishing the candid moments too soon. Try to focus your attention in the moment, enjoying the sweetness with your partner and feeling as natural, this will become a memory forever, not only through the final pictures but a special intimate memory that will last forever

Be playful, the most beautiful smiles captured are when spontaneity pops up in the scene. Whisper a secret in the ear, a little tickle here and there or try playing the blinking eye. This is a guarantee for any photographer to shoot the best pictures.

Play with looking at each other, and the camera.

It all comes to being relaxed while posing during your wedding day, you should be mindful about some simple things. For example in regards to your posture, avoid squeezing your arms against your body, try to keep your arms relaxed by your sides, and a lightness in your posture, holding your shoulders naturally and your upper body and chest in an open position.

Find below recommendations of photogenic moments for the bride and groom

For her:

Getting ready, makeup moments and admiring the dress.

Chin Chin with the bridesmaids!

Get your own top model bridal photoshoot:

For him:

Getting ready. The classic bow shot

Fun with the boys:

For both:

Love at first sight.

The walk.

The first dance:

The cake:

The fireworks moment:

This are all key moments for your wedding photography to be awesome.
Posing is an important part of the final result of your pictures but, whats more important is that you enjoy fully and let your photographer to capture the happiness of the moment.

Love always.

Ximena Zermeño

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