We live in a beautiful world, so why not taking care of it? One of the biggest motors of my life is indeed enjoying the beauty of nature, but as much as I love spending time in nature, I also encounter myself with the worry of for how long will amazing places last to be untouched, with no trash and no human trace.

As an environmental activist, today, I want to dedicate this post to a subject that links both of my favorite subjects, YOUR love story, and ideas for an ECO responsible celebration for your special day.

Weddings are often full of luxury. And of course, we love spectacular weddings: lights, flowers, food, and all the rest. But what if, you could make your wedding not only special for you and your invites, but also making the planet happy 🙂

A spectacular wedding, in your favorite setting, without the ecological impact, and even better, showing your care, respect, and love for mother Earth as much as you do for your special ones.

Firstly, let’s explain what a Green Wedding is all about.
For keeping your event eco-friendly the key is to plan it to ensure that the items used during this day, will not quickly go to waste. Disposable things, such as cutlery, ornaments, decoration, flowers, etc.

I wanted to list some ideas on where you can cut the environmental impact of your celebration:


As much as we love flowers and they are so important for this day, cut flowers have a huge impact due to the ways of production, the use of chemical fertilizers, and transportation + its a bit contradictory to cut the flowers, see them and then throw them away.

That’s why choosing a local florist for arranging the flowers is one option, you will not only be supporting the local economy but also an opportunity to learn about the local flora. Another idea is to use plants in pots for decoration and even gifting your invites with a nice plant can be an amazing detail.


This is one of the main factors to take into consideration while planning an eco-responsible wedding. Getting your food locally and organically supplied from a local farm is a great and delicious idea.

Offering vegetarian meals instead of meat can also contribute to the production of CO2 emissions.
Packaging such as plantain leaves and corn leaves are a very ”cool” option when offering snacks and cardboard or bamboo cups and straws are also available -almost- everywhere.
For food left untouched, you might want to consider donating to charity, and composting waste food, are ways of shifting the cycle.

Choose to go digital in regards to your invitations: you can get extra creative and do a video or really nice graphics that can only be done virtually.
Use recycled paper. It’s very inexpensive and can give an organic look to your invitations.

Natural printing inks: in addition to your recycled paper, if you are a crafty person, or know someone who is – a graphist is also an option – you can also choose to hand-paint with organic inks such as coffee, berries, etc…

+ you can also personalize each invitation.

Last but not least:
Oh, this is a hard one, but very very essential to have a 100% green wedding. All girls dream about the moment you will walk down the aisle with your perfect dress, what if you could also be proud of it being


Choose a dress that you can use again, or maybe even borrowing or renting one.

Buying vintage or second hand and having the dress altered, can also be a great option for having the dress of your dreams, without having to go through all the production.

Natural materials are now even more accessible than ever. Choose organic fibers and get them to size tailored to a local couturier.

This advice also applies to the groom and bridesmaids’ gowns.


Considering to get married close to your hometown is a very big act, yet a very personal choice.
Avoiding planes, and instead maybe sharing ground transportation to get to the location.

If you are doing your event in a natural setting, make sure you leave no trace of trash, or harm in the environment afterward. Being conscious about your surroundings and the flora & fauna that lives there.

These are just little ideas to contribute to a big and urgent shift for the worldinBy choosing to get married you are already doing a big step, why not use this chance to change the world

Love the planet, love your home.



I want to know more about how you help the world stay greener?

What are your ways of contributing to the world?
What is some little changes you do in your every day towards taking care of the planet?

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