Dear reader,

I warmly welcome you to this new venture we are about to create together.

As a little introduction, I am a professional photographer, based in Baja California in México. I travel the world as a #DestinationWedding photographer in my country, Mexico, as well as in the US, California, Colorado, Canada, and around the world

I am a passionate woman who is in love with love itself.

Nature, adventure, and creation are my motivations for the day by day.
As a specialized wedding photographer, I like to integrate all these elements into the style of my work. Fun is an everyday practice.

Always in search of new things, I like to create WOW! moments and capturing peoples’ special moments into fairy tale stories and images.

On the side of my creative work, I am a sensitive person which is encouraged by empathy and kindness with my relationships and with my surroundings.

Passionate about nature I actively work as a regional coordinator for a non-profit organization Sea Shepherd which is focused on cleaning the oceans and saving marine wildlife. Along with the community in Cabo I founded #RescuedDogsCabo & #TrashChallengeCabo. These projects not only fill my heart with joy but also push forward to leaving a positive footprint in the world.

Practicing sports such as cycling, diving and yoga are part of my daily routine I’ve found out that the quote: »Healthy mind in healthy body» is not only a cliché but it’s actually the key for keeping up the energy and the good vibes. As well as the perfect excuse to have fun and spend time outdoors.

By creating this blog, I would like to share with you, my work, my experiences, passions and lifestyle.

This is also a place for you to express yourself, ask questions, learn, and connect with me and my work.

I’d like this space to be an open space, in which like-minded people and projects can find each other, and co-create

This is a little introduction to myself, now, I’d like to hear from you.

What inspires you? What’s your dream? – comment below-

I am super excited to start this new chapter along with you!

In this magical dream we share, let love be the motor.


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